Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twenty-Five Carb Therapy

So here's the thing about being a woman, we physiologically and emotionally require Carbs. That's just a fact; no way around it. Carb Therapy, as I am coining it, is a delicate science that I have proven 100% affective on 100% of my test patients.  I hypothesize, that consuming Carbohydrates drastically changes mood for the better, increasing happiness and sense of comfort, decreasing depression and sadness. Thus, gaining perspective and control of ones emotions. I'm one for one so far! =)
Last week, my world was experiencing technical difficulties. I tuned in closely to my body so that I could indulge in my first carnal craving. Can I just ask you, what is more readily satisfying than a fresh batch of Rice Krispy Treats? .....
Exactly! What other dessert can you take from stove to mouth in less time than it takes to become rational? Three ingredients, 10 minutes, and your grandmother's wooden shamoji. There's no need for fretful huffing and puffing when you can sit on your couch eating globs of the good stuff right out of the pot (cuts back on dishes, so it's emo and eco friendly). However, this day, I craved something I couldn't whip up in ten frenzied minutes; I wanted something that I couldn't whip up at all. Something comforting, that I love that can't be taken away. 
I don't know about other women, but my stance on comfort food is that Carbs reign, and in the kingdom of Carbs, pasta rules.... or bread.... or potatoes. Whatever. The point is I healed over at none other than Figo. When it comes to Carbs, Figo is the ultimate pasta procurer.
Figo is just plain awesome.  This is what I imagine eating in Italy is like... minus the nosey family sitting awkwardly close to me -Yea, I could smell Mrs. Johansson's salad.... they were close - Everything is fresh and delicious. They offer 29 hand made pastas and 14 home-made sauces, freshly prepared everyday. When I walked in on this bereft day, I knew what I wanted, nay, needed (right Ladies?). I ordered the Carrot Ravioli with the Funghi sauce.  OH MY GOD! Creamy, rich, mushroomy. I can't articulate the magnificence of the Funghi sauce with any amount of words. How I feel about it, is more of a facial expression. There's honestly no other sauce option for me when I go to Figo because I know any of the 29 pastas will be superb lying underneath its creamy wings.
So yes, I was alone, and yes, I did get funny looks from people (ahem, weird family stage left), which is unusual. But what I like about eating solo, is that I can ignore all the cutting eyes and enjoy being in my own world.  OR if I would've preferred, enjoyed the soft Italian music, the atmospheric aesthetic of the cool dining room, and chattering of the other pasta-loving patrons. But tonight, I stayed within the confines of my personal bubble, ipod in hand, John Mayer in ear. 
Regrettably and unregrettably*, I didn't order the Tiramisu or the Key Lime Pie. Carb Therapy has to stop somewhere.  It is possible to abuse it. Like any other good thing, too much of it can be bad, as my lower body so reflects. So as much as I would have loved to have been able to report to you my  seven lovely readers the alleged whimsy of their desserts, I fear it would've taken me past comforted and into self-loathing. And that simply is not the goal of Carb Therapy.
I fervently admonish and advocate emotional eating - in moderation- Food is meant to comfort. If food can be used to heal disease, build muscle, aid brain function, etc, it definitely could and should be used as a mood enhancer. It's God's way of helping us cope with stress and sadness and feel better. You can have your Prozac and your Zoloft, but when I'm feeling blue, you can find me at Figo. Listen to your Carb Therapist!

Visit here for the amazing menu. Experience Figo's Carb Therapy for yourself! 

Monday, November 9, 2009


This blank page has been haunting me everyday that I've neglected to write because I have been struggling with owning the title of "writer." It's kind of like that conversation in a new relationship when usually the guy doesn't want to "place titles" on anything. The "you know, let's keep it casual" speech for fear of premature commitment and emotional seriousness.... blah blah blah. I've never personally had that conversation because my attitude in relationships is deeply rooted in a go for it, willy-nilly doctrine. That's probably why I've been so successful with Love<<<<>. But it has been hard to find a worthy topic to write about lately due to my aforementioned "commitment issues" with writing. I'm finally having that conversation. Will I place a title on this back-and-forth relationship with writing despite my fear of it failing? Can I trust myself to be faithful? Will I commit despite my insecurities and hang-ups?

Perhaps I should apply my go for it attitude for this love affair as well. I guess my affair with writing is just like any other: it can soar or sink. I can only hope it lasts longer than my longest relationship, the duration of which shall remain private! Fingers crossed, it will last a lifetime.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twenty Three

This is my first post in 6 months. How I went this far without writing about tasty vittles, I do not know. Lord knows I ate between now and April......Oh, how I ate.

I have no topic tonight, rather, a promise. A promise to continue writing. If not for my 6 readers, then for myself. To create. To have something to lose myself in. To ignite passion where there is none. To honor the sovereign pleasures of heavy cream, Parmigiano Reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, butter, and anything tasting like, smelling like, or having the appearance of chocolate. To celebrate food and the beauty of culture and art and love it is prepared with.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Holeman and Finch Public House...... Go there. Eat, drink, be merry. No reservations needed. As a matter of fact, no reservations accepted. Appetite and adventurism, however, are necessary. Speechlessness and awe WILL attend every taste of the Egg and pancetta Carbonara- The best bowl of pasta I've ever had. 
The Chicken liver pate and sweet pickled tomato.... divine 
The pork belly and collard greens and the Maitake mushrooms and polenta made me dance,
The glazed Hakurei turnips changed my life,
The gratin of Marrow and the Veal Frites opened up my world and introduce new texture and flavor to my palate

And it's all jump-started and punctuated with H&F's own bread to sop and soak every drop of anything that can be sopped or soaked..... You want to talk about overwhelming, tear-encouraging food, real food that changes peoples' palates and respect and reverence for the art of food.... 

I fail to capture the true description of the dishes and the true emotions they conjured, but when there are no words, what do you write?
Please eat here, and experience this speechlessness for yourself.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twenty One

One dozen fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at 12 am. The perfect way to say "I was thinking about you and I love you."

A man after my heart: Knows me well enough to know that I don't want flowers. And spectacularly odd enough to bring 12 sugar-covered dough rings. Unannounced and unexpected.
HE didn't bring me a card. He didn't bring me roses. He brought me Love donuts..... Just because.

And I'm on top of the world.

Monday, March 9, 2009


This past week and weekend I had the privilege of visiting two cities that I've never visited before. My sister's basketball team had their national tournament in Erie, Pennsylvania of all places in the United States, and I got to go. Along with the entire Antoine clan and a crap load of parents and cheerleaders and duffle bags, we flew to Buffalo, New York (home of the Buffalo wing) and drove two hours south to the fabulous Hampton Hotel in Erie. Though these are two cities I would never have visited had it not been a free trip with my family, it was still exciting to experience what some of the other cities in our great nation have to offer.... my appetite.....

I shared my first meal in PA with my brother and my mom at a waterfront restaurant called The Smuggler's Wharf. It's the name that getsya! It suggests bearded fishermen, fresh seafood, hot, local deliciousness. That's why I excitedly chose it as our lunch for that day! It was too cold to sit outside on the wrap-around patio, that is literally 5 feet from the water's edge. My mom and I shared a crab cake burger with fries, and we all got different soups to try: she crab soup, clam chowder, and french onion. All very good. Especially the she-crab soup. Although I had to send it back to be reheated, it was the best thing there. The crab cake sandwich was mushy. There was too much bread for the size of the cake. The fries were good though, then again, how does one ruin french fries? Overall it was a disappointing experience. The hi- lights of this meal? The warm, quaint atmosphere that the locals and the fireplace produced; the She-crab soup; and the restaurant's proximity to and view of the frozen lake. 

Unfortunately, my next meal in PA would be a little more disappointing than the one I consumed at the Smuggler's Wharf. This time, my mom and I were joined by two of the team moms. I, too, am responsible for this lunch-time misfortune.... That's two against me... The decor of this "marketplace grill" is reminiscent of a large, less fun Applebee's. And I think I'd prefer Applebee's food too. I don't even remember what we all ordered, but it's not worth remembering. I just know it was bad: dry chicken, cold soups, soggy lettuce....And I felt bad for punishing three other women for my bad discernment. Thank God that this was the worst it got on the trip. 

The next two meals (the best meals of the entire trip) were at chain restaurants: Applebee's one night, and O'Charley's the last night. Both were surprisingly good. I had steak at both places, and they were super tender and flavorful. I guess if someone asked for a recommendation for good food in Erie, I would have to tell them to avoid independent businesses and go for franchises... it was the best food we had the whole 5 days we spent there. 

My advice to any foodie with the opportunity to visit Erie.... don't go..... unless your sister is playing a national high school tournament, and it's the last time you'll see her play in high school. Watching her win nationals was worth all the sub-par food.

Friday, February 27, 2009


My role model took me shopping last week. No, unfortunately not for the latest spring fashions (even though I would settle for the last year's fall fashions), but more importantly, for groceries, which my apartment is in dire need of. My mom is a super hero, and I hope to be half the mother and wife, and just all around woman she is.  I love you mom.... believe it. 
She has an arsenal of money-saving super-powers.... she calls them coupons. I plan to employ their powers soon, as soon as I get some money. 
With culinary ambitions in mind, we bought a whole chicken, fresh fennel, and red potatoes all to roast with olive oil and fresh garlic. We bought 3 cartons of strawberries (Publix is having a sale on delicious scrawberries, you should GO) for a fresh scrawberry cake. All of which, I have yet to create. But I definitely will be roasting some pollo this coming week, and I'm so grateful for a supportive set of parents, and a mommy that will still buy me toothpaste and lady's razors. 

So look for recipes and pictures of chicken and cake soon. Right here. On your favorite blog about a single girl who loves food. *wink*